Execute an application in Debug mode on flex pendant

NicolaBNicolaB Italy
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I have developed a c# application that can be executed in the flex pendant. Is possible to execute in debug mode the application using the virtual flex pendant? I try to start the virtual flex pendant and connect the solution (from visual studio) to the process VirtualFlexPendant.exe, but I can't insert a breakpoint of see where is the program pointer.
Anyone have a suggestion?

Thanks in advance.


  • MickyMicky Germany ✭✭✭
    Hello Nicola,

    The virtual Flexpendant uses the .Net Framework 4.x, which is not supported by Visual Studio 2008.
    For this reason, you must use a newer version of Visual Studio to debug the Virtual FlexPendant.

    For this reason you need to do the following:
    • Create your app in Visual Studio 2008 in debug mode
    • Copy your DLL's into the home folder of your virtual controller
    • Launch the Virtual Flexpendant 
    • Launch Visual Studio 2019
    • Don't load the VS project, but each C# file of your VS2008 separately.
    • Open the menu "Debug" and select "Attach to process".
    • Connect to the Virtual FlexPendant.
    • Now you should be able to set a breakpoint for your code.
    Best regards
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