ErrLog in a Trap Routine

When I write an ErrLog in a Trap Routine, the log is displayed without description text. Is there a way to fix this?

TRAP ClearPickAreaTrap
        IF rob_do_48_Rob_out_of_TurnTable = 0 THEN
            StopMove \Quick;
            ErrLog 4830,\W,"Clearance Error",ERRSTR_TASK,"Lost clearance for Turntable, while picking a part",ERRSTR_EMPTY,ERRSTR_EMPTY;
            WHILE rob_di_16_Clearance_Pick_Part = 0 DO
                WaitTime 1;

This is the Result:


  • SomeTekkSomeTekk USA
    edited July 2019
    The switches prohibit writing the message to the pendant.

    [ \W ]
    Data type: switch
    Gives a warning that is stored in the robot error message log only (not shown directly on the FlexPendant display).

    [ \I ]
    Data type: switch
    Gives an information message that is stored in the event log only (not shown directly on the FlexPendant display).

    If none of the arguments \W or \I are specified then the instruction will generate an error message directly on the flexpendant and also store it in the event log.
  • EricHEricH Germany
    Without \W has the same problem. Still no title and description displayed.

  • Curious.

    Have you tried creating your own error strings as opposed to using the predefined data?

    Maybe Lemster of Micky will have better ideas than I have. :neutral:

  • lemster68lemster68 United States ✭✭✭
    Did you install your own .xml file?  If you want to use just your own strings then you have to use 4800.
    Lee Justice
  • EricHEricH Germany
    Thanks lemster, that was the problem.

    Found this in the Help manuals:
    ErrLog generates program errors between 4800-4814 if using the xml file that are installed by the system, and between 5000-9999 if installing an own xml file.

    So this means I have only 15 error ids, if I don't use xml files. :o

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