CAMWorks Post for G-Code?


I am trying to create a g-code file using CAMWorks and import it into RobotStudio, and I was wondering if anyone has advice for a post processor to use in CAMWorks to convert the CL file to an NC file.

Right now, the CL file (and simulation) in CAMWorks look good. If I export an apt file and import that to RobotStudio, it matches the simulation. However, if I export an nc file (generated using the m5Axis-Tutorial.ctl post) and import it to RobotStudio, the targets are in different locations than intended. RobotStudio is interpreting the G-Code correctly, so it seems like the generation of the G-Code is the issue. I've included some screenshots illustrating the difference below. 

Any help would be appreciated! 




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