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Disable manual 100% function

I need to disable manual 100% function for safety issues. But i don't want to only cut and keep out the wires on key in front of gabinete. I want to do it in software too. 

How can i disable manual 100% function not only in hardware, but in software too?

Thank so much! 


  • jmf
    edited August 2019
    I am not sure how to disable completely but you can limit/restrict with some coding as a event routine.

    You can insert a loop in that event that waits for the robot to go to another mode to continue.

    Something like this.

            WHILE OpMode()=OP_MAN_TEST AND CSpeedOverride(\CTask)<=100 DO
                TPWrite "Switch to Manual or Auto mode";
                WaitTime 1.0;

    Also have a look at OpMode() in the Technical reference manual - RAPID Instructions, Functions and Data types.

  • So, just to be sure, you mean Manual Full Speed, not normal teach mode at 100% override?
    Lee Justice
  • And do you have multi tasking?
    Lee Justice