Configuring and using the Standard I/O (AX11 connector) in an S4P+ controller

Hey all. I am working on an old paint robot line and integrating it with an Allen Bradley PLC. There are 3 S4P+ controllers, and we are trying to use the general I/O in the controllers (16 inputs and 16 outputs on the AX11 connector). ​I am trying to figure out how to configure and use this I/O. Looking in the backup for one of the robots, I see these EIO units currently configured:


-Name "CnvIf15" -Type "cnvif" -Bus "BASE" -Address "15" -Digin 53\

-Digout 44 -Anin 2 -PollRate 20 -Param "CnvIf15_values"

-Name "ACA" -Type "AcaVsio" -Bus "BASE" -Address "1" -TrustLevel 0\

-Channels 1 -PollRate 100 -Param "AcaVsioPar"

-Name "AMA" -Type "AmaVsio" -Bus "SIM" -TrustLevel 2 -Channels 1\

-PollRate 500 -Param "AmaVsioPar"

-Name "BOARD_SIM" -Type "eip000" -Bus "SIM" -Address "" -Digin 16\

-Digout 16

-Name "syscomm" -Type "eip000" -Bus "SIM" -Address "" -Digin 16 -Digout 64

-Name "CommandIO" -Type "eip000" -Bus "SIM" -Address "" -Digin 128\

-Digout 128 -PollRate 100

-Name "SimIO" -Type "eip000" -Bus "SIM" -Address "" -Digin 128 -Digout 128


I don't see any unit that would correspond with the general I/O. The only unit configured here with 16 inputs and outputs is a virtual unit. Is this it? I have tried reading through the manuals, and while they mention the general I/O and how to wire it, they don't specifically mention how to configure it or call it out in a program (That I can find at least). If anyone could point me in the right direction here, I'd greatly appreciate it! Thank you.

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