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How do I upgrade Real World System's RW to latest RW


Sorry if this has been discussed before. 

I have a Real System which is loaded with RW 6.02.01 and a Virtual System on RS with

I want to upgrade the Real System from RW 6.02.01 to RW

How do I do this?


  • Use the installation manager.  You will be able to change the robotware version to newer.  Caution!!! Much older main computers cannot use the newest robotwares, they require a newer main computer.  Did yours come with 6.02?  Fairly new?  Probably DSQC 1000 main computer.
    Lee Justice
  • Also make sure you backup your system before doing the upgrade.
  • The Main Comp is indeed a DSQC 1000 Model. Old Backups before I arrived, indicates RobotWare Version: 5.61.0104.00, but from when I started it indicate RobotWare Version: 6.02.1029. Somewhere along between this period, they did upgrade it. So I guess it would be possible. I do make at least one backup each day so there is always a fresh backup available. I will try and do the upgrade. Thank you for the responses.

  • Check the release notes which are included with the robotware to make sure that you don't need a newer main cpu than the DSQC 1000.  I don't remember for sure but is definitely worthwhile to be sure.
    Lee Justice
  • Did check the Release notes and it is supported. What I did also see is that I need to migrate the backup folder to 6.09. So I have done just that and created a Virtual System with 6.09 which works and restored the Migrated Backup to the New RW 6.09 System without any errors. All system Routines, Modules and Signals restored safely. As soon as the Robot completes the current production cycle, I will do the upgrade. Thank you again for the feedback. Helped a lot.
  • Done the upgrade. So far its looking good. Had a calibration issue but got it sorted and the system is running now with a backup of the virtual system with new RW. Will test run on a part tomorrow. All modules and routines is in place as well as reports. 
  • Good job
    Lee Justice