50287, Unit out of position

RG7B United States
I am running a multi move system. Two Robots, one positioner.

I added ProgJog or ManJog which will allow the operator to rotate the platter on the outside where he is working with the hit of a button to check parts quality without having to unload it.
It works fine until i have a program running inside. I hit the button and i get error 50287.

50287, Unit out of position
Description The robot arg is semi coordinated to Unit arg and the Unit must stand in a finepoint when the Robot is moving in the user_frame.

 Recommended actions Use WaitSyncTask to separate the semi coordinated move from other moves, SyncMoveOn, SyncMoveResume and SyncMoveOff. After a SyncMoveOff the Unit must also be moved (MoveL or MoveExtJ) to a finepoint to make regain possible after a stop during the semi coordinated move.
 Keep the program active for the Unit in the task selection panel to get a regain of the Unit at restart, the reason is that the Unit can move a little when doing motors off and on.

I have fine points after my SyncMoveOff and MoveExtJ.
Do i have to declare the manjog somewhere?

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