Error uploading safety configuration using SafeMove Pro


i am programming a IRB 6620 robot and configuring safety inputs and outputs using SafeMove Pro, but when i try to upload the configuration i get an error (on the picture below).

If i restart the controller it seems that some of the configutration is uploaded (ex. the safe zones), but not others (ex. the safe inputs and outputs).

What could be cousing this issue?

Best regards, Primož


  • DenisFRDenisFR FRANCE ✭✭✭
    Did you logon with an user having safety right?
  • primozic23primozic23 Slovenia

    Yes i did, and the problem didn't apear at the start becuse i already uplaoded some safety configs and the problem started later on.

    We did a factory restore and reastablished everything that was working before and now the safety config uploads normaly. We assumed that it was some kind of problem with the PROFInet config but we cant't be sure.
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