robot configuration error 50436

the robot move to the home position ,but an error occured  robot configuration error 50436,we acknowledged the error and move the robot to  the home position again and press modify the position on the pedant  ,The home position is well .but all the other positions all have this problem ,we must modify the position one by one .Anyone has encountered this problem before?And how to solve it?  error message see attached picture.


  • zin96
    Hi bro, did you know the way to solve the problem ?
    today, i also meet this error, but my point is concerning with vision system, so i can't modify it again.
    plz tell me if you know a better way, thanks so much
  • Have you tried turning config off (ConfL\off and/or ConfJ\off)?
    This will ignore the configuration in the move command and move the each axis the minimum possible to get to the Robtarget.

    When you are clear from hitting anything you should turn config back on (ConfL\or confj\on) and use a MoveJ Oor a MoveAbsL) to get the robot back to a known axis configuration otherwise you can end up running out of travel on one or more axis....