Pilot external track

Hi everyone.

I'm a software engineer so robotics is not my field, but as i'm the guy that uses the pc, my boss asked to me to improve his already existing working system.

In my new working company, we have 4 irb4600 robots. One of this robots is installed on a home made track ( they wanted to build something like the irbt 2005 ).

At the moment the track is moved with two buttons by the user, one moving track front and one back.

Rapid is programmed to wait until the operator moves the track in the next position and push a button.

Now they asked to me to investigate if the track can be modified in order to be piloted by the controller using the I/O system but i have no deep knowledge of the controller.

If you should achieve this and modify the already existing track, what would you do ?

Thanks in advance

p.s. i've already tried to throw away the track and buy the official one but reply was a big big big no 

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