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Arc Welding PowerPac

I'm trying to get familiar with Arc Welding PowerPac.

When programming the Add Weld  and Weld intruction cant be added. I can add an air move but not a weld, the weld instruction is shaded
RS 2019.01 RW 5.15.16
Any help with please?


  • Versión ArcWelding?
    Your version should be 5.15 and your system should have the arc option.
  • I have same problem.  I can't see the default arc process templates
  • I have the same problem also. I also have the 5.15 robotware. I'm running in circles trying to fix this.
  • I also have the same problem.  RS 2021.2 and AWPP 2021.2, with a robot cell running RW 5.15.02.  I can create a new VC running RW 6.0 or newer and AWPP works then, but I cannot seem to get to any RW 5.xx to work