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Screens for RW 5.15

Have older robot systems with RW 5.15 and would like to create custom screens. What software would be needed? I believe you cannot licence RS 5.15 to use ScreenMaker. I do not believe RS 2019 or RS 6.08 ScreenMaker support RW 5.15. Does Flexpendant sdk support RW 5.15? Is there a certain version of Visual Studio that needs to be used?


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    When you say "cannot license RS 5.15 to use ScreenMaker" -- do you mean re-license / pay and get a new key string to an existing system -- because ScreenMaker has worked with RW 5.15 in RS 5.15 in the past.
  • SomeTekk
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    I have not had any problems using RS2019.2's SM app.

    It is presumed you are entirely aware a licensed version of RS is required.

    I used FP SDK 5.15.2005 for my SM projects in RW 5.15.15. 
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  • Just had to download Legacy FlexPendant SDK from Developers Center. Thanks all.
  • I cannot connect to virtual robots RW 6.08.01 and older with RS 2019 ScreenMaker . Must use RS 6.08.01 32 bit. Anyone else have the same issue?
  • I am not sure whether my problem is same with you or not.
    My robotstudio version is 6.08.01(32 bit), Already installed latest version of Flexpendant SDK and robotstudio SDK.When i open screenmaker, Once i open up screenmaker property it shows screenmaker version is 6.9.154, controller 6.9.00 and and flexpendant SDK is 6.9.154. I can see own app show in virtual controller but cannot see in real controller after deploy.
  • No my issue was not allowing time for the virtual robot to connect using the upper connection icon to look at all the controllers. I can now see all the controllers to connect via screenmaker using ScreenMaker with RS 6.09.