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Storing and sending Error Reports and Reports via email to certain email addresses

Hopefully someone can give some light on the following subject.
I am working on a IRC5 Controller with RW6.09 without PC Interface. I have error handlers that stores data about the time, date and operator etc when they occur, in the Robot Home directory, but my boss wants the Robot to send emails when they happen and also to store reports of completed parts somewhere in a folder on our servers. This should be done at any given time day or night and at the same time I will be connected via the service port to RS Online with a Ethernet connection.
Does anyone have a solution to make this work without the DHCP of the robot sending out IP address issues and causing havoc on the network and without the use of PC Interface option?


  • Without the PC interface option it is pretty unlikely.  The PLC is better suited to do things like that without buying more stuff.  With FTP and NFS you could store reports externally, but it will be costing you cycle time as the robot writes them and sends them.  Unless you have multitasking, I suppose.  If you stored the files in the robot HOME, you could have a remote FTP client retrieve them.
    Lee Justice
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    Agree with @lemster68 -- buying the PC Interface option is beginning of the right idea -- FTP the file to the network and have a script on a PC that listens to the folder and sends an email and deletes the file whenever the robot writes to it. This can all be done in a secondary task on the robot, so process time shouldn't be affected.

    That said, a not so great option could be to setup a PC next to each controller to be the bridge to the network -- have that network-connected PC connected via serial to the controller, a script on the robot sends a message via serial to trigger the PC to send an email via the network.
  • Just want to inform you guys.

    We have a workable solution for our needs. 

    We connected the controller to the network through the wan port. No issues. We then use winscp ftp server to get the required files from the controller every 5 seconds and then from there we are sending a mail with the changes over to recipient only if there is a change in the folder.

    That's working and acceptable for us for now.

    Thank you for your responses.