Create comment?

Is it possible to create a !comment inside arcweld powerpack? 
Perhaps its doable trough the "Create action instruction template" and make your own action somehow?

If not, then i would like to make this as an suggestion.

I like to keep my programs clean with several !comments and a decent ammounts of paths for easy navigation. Both for me and the operators.
Today i first do everything in arcweld then move on to rapid and move back and forth between them so i comment the correct row.
A normal program for me have around 5-7k x2 code rows since i use 2 robots. so its pretty time consuming jumping back and forth.


  • played around with this a bit, but when i try to import my own action it says "Comment not found in vc" as in virtual controller or what?

    i made an copy of Tpwrite.xml in "\INTERNAL\RS\ActionInstructionDescriptions" renamed it to "comment" and edited a bit of the code to fit my need but i dont quite follow what they mean about not found in vc?

    I just want an simple create action instruction, load comment from the dropdown menu and then write whatever i want into an text bar. So that when i press okay it will drop that text into the code with an "!" infront
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