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yu1988 Singapore
Hi guys,

Anybody knows is there a way to update screenmaker in order to make its version same with controller. I got below error when trying to deploy.
I have tried to create a robot with 6.09.00 in order to match controller version ( But now i realize that the screenmaker version also have to match with controller. 

Thanks in advance to support me :smile:



  • yu1988
    yu1988 Singapore
    Hi guys,

    I already solve the issue of version.
    I deployed the screenmaker (Just 1 page) into virtual controller and it is work because i can see the app in at top left of screen.
    But problem is, when i connect to real robot controller, deploy and restart controller. I can't see the application. Does anyone can help me on this? 
  • j_proulx
    j_proulx United States ✭✭
    You need to restart the FlexPendant. There is a button on the back of the Pendant. Or unplug the pendant. It will power down. Then plug it back in. This will restart it. Or cycle power on  the controller.
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