Connecting IRC5 Compact Controller to factory network


I have some trouble connecting RobotStudio to my IRC5 controller over the network i'm working on.

The controller is connected to a Siemens Scalance XB008 switch via Profinet, witch is also connected to a ET200SP PLC. 
The PLC have the IP adresse (some Siemens servo drives is also connected to the switch via Profinet)
In the controller, i have set the IP setting so it runs WAN with an IP adresse that is 
The cable is connected the X6 port (WAN) on the controller.
The subnet on everything is set to
This all works great! I can reed/write from the PLC to the controller, and also from the controller to the PLC.

The problem comes when i try to connect my RobotStudio to the network switch.
I set the IP Adresse of my PC network card to static, and connect the network cable to the switch.
When i try to "add controller" in RS, and put in the IP of the controller ( nothing appears in the "add controller" box.

When i tro to ping the controller from my PC, I get an instant answer from the controller.  

I have tried a lot, of things I can find on the different forums, no luck yet.

I hope anyone can help,


  • I am not absolutely certain of the solution as PROFINET is present, however with Ethernet IP the following is from the Application manual "EtherNet/IP(ENIP) Scanner/Adapter."

    Is it recommended to configure the WAN connector and the selected LAN connector on the same subnet?

    No, the EtherNet/IP address for the WAN connector must belong to another subnet than the address of the selected LAN connector.
    For example, if the address of the LAN connector is, the address for the selected LAN connector cannot be if the subnet mask (but it can be is being used.

    It is recommended to try setting the IP for the WAN for RobotStudio communication on a different subnet as indicated above. Systems here share one port and conduct ENIP and RobotStudio communication simultaneously. Like the manual indicated the ENIP IPs are 192.168.1.XXX (set in ABB control system IO parameters), and the RobotStudio IPs are 192.168.3.XXX (set with the Boot Application). Also, computers have more than one static IPs set for the NICs that connect to the to subnets, e.g & with the mask of

    Hope this helps you. 

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