Connection between IRC5 and AC500 eco PLC

Hello, we are trying to establish communication between AC500 eco that has ethernet port with Modbus TCP protocol and IRC5 with Ethernet IP adapter option. I know that we will need media converter Modbus TCP to Ethernet IP in order to establish communication but I'm not able to create proper PLC configuration in Automation Builder. Did anyone had similar experience, any suggestions, is this doable without PLC Ethernet IP fieldbus module that is not available for eco PLC. Thanks a lot.


  • Dmitry
    Dmitry ABB Latvia
    I had experience with media converter ICPDAS GW-7472.
    On AC500 side, you just need to add a Protocol "Modbus_TCP_IP_Server" in Interfaces > Ethernet > Protocols. So then you can use basic modbus FB to read/write registers on the media converter.
    Media converter on the Ethernet/IP network behaves as an adapter. So, robot must be Etnernet/IP scanner. What media converted you are using?