[PC SDK] Error "Path too long" while Calling Backup from c# application

Hi everyone.
i'm developing a pc sdk application using c#, on one machine i get an error when i do a backup. error is 

Message"C004A00F : Too long path.Url: Cmd:Set Prop:Backup Args:-Path \"02_10_2019\"
Does anyone had ideas on whythis happens ? 


  • e_tip
    e_tip Roveredo
    Oh... after further investigations i have understand why this happens. For some reason i don't know inside my folder 02_10_2019/ a HOME folder have been created, that contains another 02_10_2019 that contains a HOME folder, that contains a 02_10_2019 folder... and so on forever... I've tried to delete that folder but i get an error... now i'll try to restore from backup