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Creating a Gripper Mechanism with Active and Passive Links

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Hello everyone,

My name is Sebastian and I am learning to simulate a palletizing robotic cell. First of all I modeled the End-Effector which contain a lot of links. I am trying to create a mechanism in robot studio of it but I cannot manage to compile it.  I attached a photo of the linkage I am trying to simulate. The Pneumatic linear cylinder is moving the linkage. This linkage is part of a vacuumatic gripper with vacuum cups. The gripper can lift pallets with this system. I tried a lot of methods but I can't make the links to move in dependency of the linear cylinder. Does anyone have any tips how I can do this? I tried to use the physics function as well but still cannot manage to create it.


  • EricH
    You could do this by using the "Robot" mechanism type and implement suitable dependencies. I attached a simple example.
  • sturner

    I also have similar query...

    Can the mechanism below be created solely using the mechanism modeller?

    Can physics joints be used in combination with mechanism library?

    How many Joints and links?

    What type of mechanism?

    Kind regards

  • EricH
    This looks like one axis for mechanism and the rest are pysical joints. Just try it out. I would say this should be possible.