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How Can I Deactivate SafeMove

I have 2 controllers IRC5,  I don't use SafeMove
But one, It is working now, and I a trying to configure another, I have seen the controller that is working and the Safe Move Board is disconnected, and the menu in the flexPendant doesn't have the option SafeMove Visualizer 

I have disconnected the SafeMove Board in the another IRC5, but in the menu shows the option SafeMove Visualizer yet, 

When I want to move the Robot in the FlexPedant appears 

Eveent Message 90206
General Stop open
The General Mode Safeguarded Stop circuit has been broken.
The system goes to the General Stop status.

Help Me Please


  • lemster68
    Rebuild the system in robotstudio, modify it, removing safemove option.
    Lee Justice
  • How can I do that, I am trying to do it, but I need to add a license,

    It is necessary to activate but i have deactivate that option.
    Am I doing it in a correct way?
    Help me Please, Sorry If my English is not good 
  • lemster68
    Are you building from backup or starting new system in RS?  Build from backup.
    Lee Justice
  • I was starting new system, but I could do it, It does not appears the SafeMove Visualazer Option in the flexpendant, maybe it is important to disconnected the SafeMove Board, too.
  • Now, I have this problem when I tried to move the robot, I have disconnected all wires in the SafeMove Board. It Apppers this message

    and also those leds are off

  • lemster68
    Looks like you have all jumpers in.  Some are not right.  I cannot read your text, it looks all jumbled here.
    Lee Justice
  • DiegoHernandez
    edited October 2019
    I have another IRC5 that has the same configuration with the jumpers, so I think maybe that is not a problem 
    but the other is working well
  • looking at the circuit diagram AS1 and GS1 are on the same jumper terminals 10, 11, 12.

    Check the jumper to ensure it is in correctly and screws are tight.

    Also that the whole X5 plug  is seated correctly.