PC SDK causing application freeze in a .Net 4.7.2 x64 multithreaded application on Windows 10

labulabu France ✭✭
We are developping our application for robots interfacing and vision since over 10 years and are recently facing issues with the PC SDK.
Quite frequently, when accessing controllers or rapid  datae, we end in a main thread (UI) freeze.

One typical situation is as shown above in a call stack capture while locked on the Monitor.Wait. (in this case setting a userdefined Rapiddata)

We are running a 64 bits App on Windows 10 .Net FW 4.7.2.

 ABB.Robotics.Controllers.PC, Version=6.6.7624.115

If any of you has got such trouble, help would be warmly appreciated as we struggle to come over the issue. :(

Many Thanks :)


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