Create an IRB8700 and rail

fyl1991 china
Use System Builder, or create a system from a layout,or ExternalAxisWizard-2019.2,Will receive an error from robotware.
40523: Mechanical Unit Conflict
Not possible to activate mechanical unit M7DM1 since mechanical unit ROB_1 is already active.
Check the Motion Configuration. Active mechanical units cannot have the same 3:
1. Physical Axis.
2. Logical Axis.
3. Drive Unit Configuration.
IRB8700 is there a way to add a rail?
Or there is a workstation package containing 8700 and rails available?


  • graemepaulin
    graemepaulin New Zealand mod

    ABB does not sell a rail for the IRB8700 so no rail is available with RobotStudio.

    Gudel have a track for the IRB8700(TMF-5) - you can down load the CAD model from their web site - make a mechanism to move the carriage correctly.

    Then you need to modify the motion configuration file (moc.cfg) as per the additional axis and stand alone controller manual - I think most of the details required (eg gearbox ratio) are in the Gudel datasheet.

    Have never done this my self but hope this helps.