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SoftwareSync service routine gone?

We are using SafeMove Pro and RW 6.10.
Is it not possible to call SoftwareSync from RAPID with these options?

We have done this earlier to make it easier and faster for inexperienced operators to restart after a collision or powerfailure etc when SafeMove has desynced.

In an ideal world, there is a servicetech in the factory the operator can call and get help at any time. But we all know, there are few such worlds.

If we can't call the service routine from RAPID anymore we need to find another way to make the path to Synchronization easier for the operator.

I can open the control panel "app" with UIShow.
Is there a way to go further and open Control Panel/Safety Controller? Or even better, the Synchronization ribbon in Control Panel/Safety Controller?

With kind regards
Stefan Lokko


  • Perhaps something similar to Micky's solution at the included link could be tried.
  • Well, I'm able to open the Control Panel with UIShow. The thing is that I would like to go deeper and open the "Safety Controller" view IN the Control Panel.
    Or run SoftwareSync in some other more or less automated way.

  • It has been YEARS since SafeMove training, and that was before SafeMove Pro. Nevertheless, is the RAPID instruction "SafetyControllerSyncRequest" able to fulfill the need?

  • Hey. According to the manual, SafetyControllerSyncRequest is for harwaresync only. I think you're supposed to call it when the robot is at the sync switch.
  • That the suggestion was not able to assist is unfortunate. I do wish I could have been a better helper.  :|
  • With SafeMove 2 it is no longer possible to call the Software Sync routine from RAPID. You must run it manually from the FlexPendant.