Delete Screenmaker Installed Screens

S_Smith Columbus, Ohio
Hello All,

Can anyone tell me how to uninstall or delete an installed screen from screenmaker?

In either a Virtual Station Or a Real Controller.

Thanks In Advance


  • S_Smith
    S_Smith Columbus, Ohio
    Now I see where to delete it from the Virtual Station, from the HOME Folder in the system files.
    But can't do this with the pendant using the "FlexPendant Explorer" screen.  So I am assuming that I can't do that with a Real Pendant either.

    So I am guessing that I would have to be connected to the real controller and use FIle Transfer to delete a real- screen.

  • Micky
    Micky Germany ✭✭✭

    you can use the "File transfer" in the "Controller" ribbon in RobotStudio to delete your Screenmaker DLL files in the Home-Directory of a real controller.
    Afterward, you have to reset the FlexPendant via the reset button on its backside or you have to switch off and on the controller.
    A warm start of the controller will not exchange the DLL on the FlexPendant.

  • S_Smith
    S_Smith Columbus, Ohio
    Thank You Sir, You Are A Gentleman And A Scholar.