Default Move to home Procedure is an empty list

e_tipe_tip Roveredo
Hi all,
i'm using ArcWelding power pack and if i try to set the Default Move to Home Procedure i get an empty list.
my Home procedure is called rHome and if i call it in rapid code it works well. Does anyone knows what can be wrong here ? 


  • jmfjmf South Africa
    Is your rHome Proc declared a Local Proc or normal Proc?

    ! This procedure can only be referred to inside the module it have been declared too.
    ! Note "LOCAL" in front of PROC()
    ! This procedure can be referred to anywhere where it is required.
    ! Note no "LOCAL in front of PROC()

  • e_tipe_tip Roveredo
    PROC rHome()
    MoveAbsJ jHome\NoEOffs, v300, fine, tWeldGun;
  • jmfjmf South Africa
    did you sync your rHome to your station?
  • e_tipe_tip Roveredo
    Ops... :/ my mania of removing "useless" things.. 
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