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PC Interface Option

I'm using a new robot that has the option PC Interface.  I was under the impression that this option would allow me to connect all the controllers to the same network, and then I wouldn't need to use the programming port.  Does this option not work like that?  Do I always have to use the programming port when connecting to a robot through robot studio?


  • You should be able to have a central computer running RS connected to all of your robots.  You just need to configure your IP's and subnets.  Use LAN port ow WAN and configure properly.
    Lee Justice
  • So I've got the WAN port plugged into a router and I set the IP address of the WAN port but I can't get robotstudio to see the controller.  Is there a document on how to setup the controller this way?

  • In RobotStudio help there is some guidance under the getting started topic.

    The operating manual for RobotStudio also has information on the firewall settings.

  • I checked help file and my firewall settings.  I can ping the controller but RobotStudio can't see it on the network.  I set the IP and subnet mask for the WAN port do I need to do anything else in the robot configuration to program over the network, not the service port?

  • graemepaulin
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    Have you tried manual connecting as below?

  • Yup, I get nothing

  • I am no IT expert so not much help from here - but is probably a firewall blocking or port not open issue.
  • Did you set your pc to the same network and subnet?  Also, try taking the router out of the equation.  Direct to WAN port from PC.
    Lee Justice
  • I ended up getting this working, it was the way I was setting the IP address of the WAN port.  I needed to use the properties menu instead of creating an Ethernet connection.  When I connected the WAN port to the same switch as the machine network the PLC couldn't see the robots anymore, I could ping the Ethernet/IP address but the PLC couldn't communicate with it.   
  • Good job, thanks for sharing the solution.
    Lee Justice