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Configure SmarTac with fronius touchsense

Hi everyone.
I'm trying to configure the smartac option to work with the Fronius TouchSense.
Does anyone have an updated document on how to do it ? 
I'm having troubles understanding the meaning of the options for this command 

-name "smtsig1" -detect_input "diFr1PartDetect" -reference_set_output "doFr1SensorRef" -wire_select_output "" -sensor_on_output "doFr1TouchSense"

what is -reference_set_output ? 
my inputs are:
doFr1TouchSense to enable and disable the touch sensor on the generator
diFr1TouchSense is the input that comes from generator that is set to 1 when the wire touches the piece 
Thanks for any response


  • What version of RobotWare and SmartTac are you using?
  • RW
    But where i can find the SmarTac version ? 
  • Not sure - just the manual says from Version 9 a new configurable I/O mapping feature is used.

    The below is from RW6.08 Smartac manual.

  • Yes i think i have that version... my problem is that i think i have the right values for -detect_input and -sensor_on_output, but i miss other values :/
  • You can try it without anything between the quotes (ie " ") for the reference_set_output.