AWPP Application and search templates missing

OolRait Estonia

I am having issues with using Robotstudio 2019 and AWPP. I am able to create the system from backup using the Systembuilder (Arc + Smartac options are selected, Mediapools installed), but when I enter Arcwelding, the Application and Search templates are missing and it is not possible to import them. Everything is working fine in Robotstudio 5.61.

Robotstudio 2019
Robotware 5.15.5001
IRB2400L robot on a RTT Marathon track
IRBP750a 2-axis positioner
IRBP570l 1-axis positioner

Created system from backup (with robotware 5.15.5001)
Added as existing system to Station
Restored controller from backup
Restarted controller
Synchronized RAPID to station

Using 5.61, the templates showed up correctly when I followed the steps described above. I tried importing the templates from the processpac folder from the 5.61 directory, but no success. Any ideas?