Using WorldZones on S4Cplus controller

Hi, I've recently had a pleasure to work with an S4Cplus controller where I was tasked with creating a WZ at a safe position and turn an ouput on when the robot enters it.
Ive created a .sys module with my routine in there. 
Then i've linked the routine to a power on event using the pendant.

So far nothing out of the ordinary in comparison with the new controllers, but somehow the output just wont turn on. 

Any ideas??

I've included the controllers backup


  • Sorry no use regards the world zone - but just a note that World Zones are not safety rated (if the safe position is in relation to people not machines).
  • My 'safe position' refers to a specific point where the robot goes where it is safe from any moving obstacles. So nothing to do with any actual safety.
  • Is the output read only?

  • The WZ output does not come on until the motors are turned on.
  • The WZ output does not come on until the motors are turned on.
  • I am fully aware of the fact. But I have trouble seeing the output when the robot is in motion and entering the zone
  • If your zone is small, and the robot passes through it, not pausing, then it is possible that it will not turn on.  Refer to the manuals, they have good documentation and illustrations regarding this matter.
    Lee Justice
  • Serge_T
    edited December 2019
    My WorldZone is 300mm in radius, do check the backup i've included with the question