dsqc 327A

duesentrieb66 Ontario
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Hi all,

I can't get my digital I/O working. Analog runs fine.

-Name "A1_Drive_Speed" -SignalType "AO" -Unit "BOARD10" -UnitMap "0-15"\
      -Access "All" -EncType "UNSIGNED" -MaxLog 300 -MaxPhys 10 -MaxBitVal 65535

This works fine. I get the analog value on the exit of the PLC exactly what I expect.

-Name "do_SpindleFan" -SignalType "DO" -Unit "BOARD10" -UnitMap "37"\
      -Access "All"

Robotstudio and Flexpendant update correct. But Nothing happens on the PLC, no LED.There are 2 x 10 pin connectors for out put but really not sure how to use them when there are 16 digital output. Is pin 9 and 10 of the first connector empty or is this bit 10 and 11 of the PLC?

Nothing is connected to the PLC on the  DI/O or analog. The 2 led are green. When I hock up an ohm meter I can see some changes happening but make no sense to me (switches between 5MOhm and 2MOhm or so), so something is happening. Also no error message nowhere. Also I can't find any manual for the 327A or 328A.

Any help is much appreciated,