Error 5057 Joint not synchronized after robot restart

Hello to all, we are having problem with one IRB 120. Customer is complaining that robot is losing position. From error log we can see that customer restarted controller and robot lost its positions reporting error 5057 and of course after this event error rev. counters not updated. Robot has new smb battery, not reporting error from encoders or brakes during operation. Could this be problem with SMB board or maybe brakes that are not holding manipulator during controler restart. Thanks a lot in advance.


  • graemepaulin
    graemepaulin New Zealand mod

    Error code is 50057 (you are missing one digit)?

    There will normally be other error codes as well?

    Being a small robot it is possible to move the robot by hand (accidently push it) even with the brakes on and holding - if this one done when the controller was off or early in the restart you would get this error.

  • Eskatsaros
    Eskatsaros new castle, PA
    Did you try to master it and re-calibrate?