Virtual Omnicore controller won't start, What's wrong

After recently updating my system to 20119.4 and adding robotware 7.0 I can't start a virtual omnicore controller. 

I get the following fault code in my output window. 

Base exception: RobApiException
e:\agents\1\_work\1\s\areas\robapi2\components\rapi_services\rapi_resource.cpp[129] HTTP method not supported by resource -1073414146 -1

I already de-installed and re-installed the software and robotware. 
Also tried 2019.3 and the today released SP01 of 2019.4. 
When I re-install, RS appears to work with older files again, even when I remove everything from my computer what I could. 
Except my license, also all the Robotware versions are (still) installed without any actions from me. 
Also, the virtual irc5 doesn't have problems at all and starts in seconds.

Does anyone know what's going on? 
Thanks for your response. 

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