Create/Restore unarchived backups

I am having an issue creating and restoring unarchived backups. It seems to be only when creating/restoring backups on real controllers, not virtual controllers.

WinZip will unpack .tar file but won't create them - at least not that I have found. If anyone has software recommendations for creating .tar files, please let me know.

Thanks, Jon

Error message when creating unarchived backup:

Error message when creating archived backup:


  • What version of RobotStudio are you using?

    What RobotWare version is the controller running?

    Is there enough space on the controller hard drive?

  • I am using Robotstudio 2019.3 and the Robotware of the controllers has been 6.08.0135 and 6.09.0154.

    Both systems are new so I would expect there is plenty of room on the hard drive - I have been trying to create/restore from storage on my PC not the controller as well. 
  • I installed Robotstudio 2019.4 yesterday and this resolved the issue.