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TCP not matching targets


A problem is occurring whilst simulating a welding robot system. When making paths, the tool positions itself correctly on the target, but when simulating the tool frame never matches with its destination target. The offset seems to vary on the rotation of the positioner, but I cannot figure out what is causing it. Maybe someone has some ideas?

I am using Robotstudio 5.61, Robotware 5.15.5. IRB2400L with a welding tool and a 2-axis positioner.

I will attach pictures describing the situation. 
#1 moveto.png - This is the view that I get in the AWPP, when using jump to/ move to. The position is correct
#2 sim.png - This is what happens during simulation. The offset can be anywhere from 3mm to 15mm

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  • jmf
    Is your tooldata parameters correct? if your tooldata parameters is not correct then the tcp will do like that.

    It happened with me as well because my tool bracket is adjustable and in RS you can not completely accurately set it the same as in real life.

    So what i did is to copy the real tcp values to the RS tooldata's and adjusted my bracket until it is close to where it should be. 

    There may be a shorter way of doing it but I only know the way I did it.
  • OolRait
    I took my Tooldata from Bullseye on the real robot. The representation of the tool itself isnt an issue, but rather the frame. On sim.png the frame that is inside the part, is the tool frame. But it should be exactly aligned with the frame which is highlighted (path target). The highlighted frame is not the TCP frame. Maybe some confusion in the initial post. Sorry about that.

    I just checked it over and the problem does not exist if I do not rotate the positioner. The workobject is attached to the positioner.
  • This sound like the baseframe of the positioner - what type of positioner are you using?

    From the image it looks like an L type positioner but you mention it is two axis so a K or R?

  • OolRait
    The workobject is on a L positioner IRBP 750a. On the picture is a one axis, which I am currently not using. 
  • How did you create your virtual controller - using the go offline button or manually?

    If manually did you restore a backup from the real controller into the virtual controller - so it has the same setup as the real controller?