Is it possible to handle error caused in an UNDO-handler (alternatively check if routine exists)

I am calling a routine from an UNDO-handler(with late binding) that may or may not exist. My problem is that if it does not exist, it "destroys" the UNDO chain. I have tried handling the error but it does not work.

If there is a possibility to check if a routine exist before actually calling it that would solve my problem.
//Markus Näslund

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  • AWAS said:
    Someting like that might help:

    FUNC bool Call_Routine(string Input)
            RETURN TRUE;      
                RETURN FALSE;

    Basically you call the routine and return True if it suceeded and False if it didn't.

    Don't think there is any Built-IN Routine to check that.

    You can't handle an Error that occured in a Undo routine.
    Thank you!
    I can't believe I did not think of that!
    I was so stuck in the fact that I can't handle an error that occured in an undo handler that it did not occur to me to try the late binding call in a function.

    Thanks again, I was really stuck here.
    //Markus Näslund