Subscription on RAPID variable not returning any value

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We have multiple RWS (version 1) subscriptions on panel and io service which work perfectly. Once we subscribe we get data and when the variables change we get a nice message that a variable has changed and to what value.
Now I want to add a subscription to a persistent rapid variable. This also works, but I don't see to what value the variable has changed. Is there a way to make this work?

I tried to post the responses but some auto blocker blocks it... Which is weird for a support forum for developers
So here a pictures:
The response when the variable is changed:

the response when the subscription is created:



  • YuGo
    Hi @Quint
    when you subscribe to a Persistent Variable the web socket will notify the address of the variable changed. So after the notification you can easy get the rapid data value with a GET request on the address recived.

    Hope this help, U.