I-Start on IRB2400 - S4 Controller (Need Baseware 3.2)

Jave Spain
edited December 2019 in Robot Controller

Hi everybody,

I was looking for help to find the Baseware Disks for a project I'm currently working on.

I'm working with a second-hand ABB IRB 2400 and S4 Controller that has to be recovered after being shutdown for a year. I had to make an I-Start because I was getting fatal system errors but found out that the client didn't have the original Baseware disks for rebooting the system (I haven't worked with this old controllers before, so I didn't know that I was going to need any disk for this task :( ).

I have retrieved this data from the robot:




3HAC2700-2/22 System Pack 3.2

TP Language

Irb 2400


2400/10 M98 Floor

It was asking me to insert Disk 3 to reboot. But after knowing that I couldn't get the this shortly, I made a warm-start to try to "cancel" the setup. After that, the robot made several tests and everything seemed fine until it ended up requesting another disk again. Thing is that this time the message was different, it was just saying something like: "Please, insert the disk" or so (I'll take a picture of the message tomorrow and check it again). Do I need to start from Disk 3 or maybe I need the Keydisk too after doing the warm-start?

In the meantime, please, is it possible that anyone has or know someone that may provide me the files to reboot the system again?

If you need further information, please ask me.

Thanks in advance,