Start individual task in Multitask system


I have two tasks in my RAPID code, one normal motion task and another semi-static task.
The semi-static task auto-starts whenever the controller is booted and I want to run the second task using a Digital Input which is tied to a System Input that runs RAPID. 

When I flip the Digital Input, I am getting an error message saying 'Start rejected', and one of the possible causes listed is that there is an already executing task.

How can I start my motion task when there is an already executing semi-static task?
I wasn't able to specify a task in the System Input settings. 
Using Robotware 6.08

Thank you


  • You can have the task and code running but the main program loop is held waiting for the digital input.
  • lemster68
    If your normal task is NOT running, the issue is likely to be something else, and not related to the background task.  Don't worry about that task.  Look for: are the motors on?  Is there a stop input on at the same time that the start is issued?
    Lee Justice
  • csmith
    Thank you, further debugging showed that the motion task was indeed running. 
    It's working as expected now.