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How to make the robot uses axis 6 more than 4?!!

I have an IRB 1200 and during a special task, when program it to go to a certain point and orientation, it reaches the -270 degree limitation on the Axis 4, while there is still a lot more room for axis 6 to do the same task. I set both ConfJ  & ConfL  \Off  but still not working.
anybody can help with that?


  • If it is possible for the robot to reach the targets by rotating axis 6 in preference to axis 4 you would need to manually select the axis configurations - easy to do in RobotStudio as it will give you the available options with the rotation of each axis (in the home tab/graphical environment).

    You may also using the axis configuration wind axis 4 to plus 270° (or as close as possible) before starting this particular set of movements?

  • In this case you would actually want ConfJ ON, and as Graeme said, make sure that you have the correct axis configurations stored in the robtarget.  You might also use MoveAbsJ.
    Lee Justice