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Error in getting recent projects

I have an issue in getting recent projects.
Every time when I reopen robotstudio and I open .smk project, I'm getting an error.
It's not depended on project, screens or even new empty project.
Robotstudio 6.0.8 32bit
Error is:

RobotStudio .NET exception: Could not load type 'ABB.Robotics.Controllers.RapidDomain.IRapidData' from assembly 'ABB.Robotics, Version=5.15.2005.0, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=1da709b7d1f14b7b'.
Base exception: TypeLoadException
Could not load type 'ABB.Robotics.Controllers.RapidDomain.IRapidData' from assembly 'ABB.Robotics, Version=5.15.2005.0, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=1da709b7d1f14b7b'.
   at ABB.Robotics.ScreenMaker.Base.ApplicationVariable.ConvertValue(Object value)
   at ABB.Robotics.ScreenMaker.Base.ApplicationVariable..ctor(String name, Object initValue, Type baseType)
   at ABB.Robotics.ScreenMaker.ProjectXmlHelper.Read(ScreenProject project, XmlTextReader reader, Int32& mainScreen)
   at ABB.Robotics.ScreenMaker.ProjectXmlHelper.CreateFromFile(ScreenProject project, String fileName)
   at ABB.Robotics.ScreenMaker.ScreenProject.Open(HostDesignSurfaceManager manager, String fileName)
   at ABB.Robotics.ScreenMaker.ScreenMakerDesignTime.OpenRecentProject(String file)
   at ABB.Robotics.ScreenMaker.AddInService.RecentProjectClick(String file)
   at ABB.Robotics.ScreenMaker.ScreenMakerMain.btn_ExecuteCommand(Object sender, ExecuteCommandEventArgs e)

Any idea?


  • Which version of ScreenMaker (SM) are you launching to edit your project?

    In your pasted text this is observed: Robotstudio 6.0.8 32bit. In the error this text is observed:  Version=5.15.2005.0...

    When you launch SM from a RobotStudio version above 5.15 make ensure you selecting (install the ABB Legacy FlexPendant SDK, from if needed) the correct FP SDK version:


    Best of luck!


  • I used 6.10.69 and 5.15.2005, Legacy FP SDK is installed too, but issue remains. I can "reopen" project as new project with replaced screens (app variables are lost), but app variables and project has to be configured again.
  • Does your virtual controller have the matching RobotWare version?

    I see you are running the 32 bit version of RobotStudio, are you on a 32 bit computer?

    If able to use 64 bit try using the latest version of RobotStudio.

  • You get the point, It's probably issue about 32/64 bit version compatibility. RW version is matching.
    I'm running 64 bit RS 6.x in general, but SM (all versions) is inactive in 64 bit, so I have to run SM in 32 bit. I have to use RS 6.x in order to license, but I found the way how to get around this issue. I start SM in RS2019 (this is working as 64 bit), it's separated window, RS2019 can be closed. SM can connect and deploy (or just build and copy .dll to controller folder) to virtual controller which is running by project in RS 6.x.
    There are no issue at all, it's working as it should.