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Auto Stop Open

Hello everyone. I have an IRB 2600 RobotWare 5.14 robot. How do I make the robot stop automatically when the door is opened with the safety relay? How do I make the connections?


  • Remove the jumpers from the AS connections in the X5 plug on the panel (safety) board located on the right hand wall (top) of the IRC5 single controller - and connect through your safety relay.

  • hello, 

    Is it to remove the jumper between position 12 and poisiton 11 for example AS1+ and put the two wires form the door interlock in place? 

    what haven is the interlock opened and the AS1 activated? How do we rest the circuit?
    Is it necessary to connect as well AS2+ the same way, to be double channel?
  • The door interlock must be safety rated and to meet the required safety rating dual channel.
    The dry contacts are as you suggest wired from 12 to 11 for AS1+ and 6 to 5 for the second channel AS2+