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I really don't understand how MultiMove works and I wish that someone could explain how it works for me. When creating a multipath with MultiTeach the robots don't follow the paths at all. They just move a little in a totally wrong direction. How does MultiMove work? I want the robots to act indepentenly and have therefore selected MultiMove Independent.



  • PerSvenssonPerSvensson Sweden ✭✭✭

    In MultiTeach mode you can choose Coordinated and Semi Coordinated and the function does what the name says, just teach a motion instruction for each robot at current position.

    The difference between them are 
    Coordinated: start instruction will be a SyncMoveOn and end instruction a SyncMoveOff with syncident and tasklist.
    All the motion instruction will also have syncronized ID's

    Semi Coordinated: Start instruction will be a WaitSyncTask with syncident and tasklist and nothing in the motions instructions.

    Unfortanally there seams to be a bugg in the semi coordinate function when it comes to creating syncident and tasklist and I have reported this to ABB.

    About your problem:
    Usally when the robots just do a small motion and nothing more the problem is that you are trying to pass a singularity point doing linear motion. So just for testing if that's the case change all motion instructions to MoveJ instead and see if that helps.

    Per Svensson
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