Force control for a Grinding application


    Am working on a project with force Control to do a grinding operation ( IRB 4600, IRC5 controller, Robotware_6.09.0154)

    when the grinder turned on my force value is fluctuating, it goes like -200 to 200N(in mid air)

    how do i stabilize this?

    Did i miss anything ? please help me correct this.

    var num nforce;

    var num nAngleY;



    FCCalib TempLoad;

    !Grinder On

    FCPress1LStart reltool(Apoint,0,0,0\Ry:=nAngleY), v20\Fz:=nForce, 80\ForceFrameRef:=FC_REFFRAME_WOBJ \ForceChange:=50 \DampingTune:=100 \TimeOut:=5 \UseSpdFFW,\PosSupvDist:=10, z1, t4inGrinder\WObj:=WbjGrind;

    FCPressL reltool(ABpoint,0,0,0\Ry:=nAngleY),v20,nForce,z1,t4inGrinder\WObj:=WbjGrind;

    FCPressL reltool(Bpoint,0,0,0\Ry:=nAngleY),v20,nForce,z1,t4inGrinder\WObj:=WbjGrind;

    FCPressEnd rGrindingEnd_1,v50\DeactOnly,t4inGrinder\WObj:=WbjGrind;

    !Grinder Off

    And to check the force real time am using the instruction Fcgetforce(\contact force)

    Thank you



    • graemepaulingraemepaulin New Zealand ✭✭✭

      I think you need to add identify the load and calibrate, from the Force Control manual the basic approach to creating a program is:

      1 Identify the load.
      2 Move to a point close to contact but not in contact.
      3 Calibrate.
      4 Setup force control directions and start movement.
      5 Move linear or circular with contact.
      6 Leave surface.

      Example below is with force Z with a movement in x-direction
      PROC press1()
      PERS loaddata TestLoad:=[0.001,[0,0,0.001],[1,0,0,0],0,0,0];

      ! Identify the load using the sensor

      ! Move close to contact
      MoveJ offs(B,0,0,2) , v100, fine, tool0; !! start 2mm above contactpoint

      ! Calibrate the force sensor
      FCCalib TestLoad;

      ! Approach surface and start move to robtarget C at 50% of
      ! 60 N i.e 30 N
      FCPress1LStart C, v100, \Fz:=60, 50, z30, myTool;

      ! Move Linear from C to D1 with a Force of 50 N in the z-direction
      FCPressL D1,v100,50,z30,myTool;

      ! Move Linear from D1 to D2 with a Force of 70 N in the
      ! z-direction
      FCPressL D2,v100,70,z30,myTool;

      ! Leave surface and move to robtarget E, Force control
      ! is disabled after this instruction
      FCPressEnd E, v100,myTool;

    • WoundedFoxWoundedFox bangalore
      I understand this part, my problem is when i  turned on the grinder in force value is fluctuating drastically because of that when i tried applying constant force robot is going in random direction.
    • graemepaulingraemepaulin New Zealand ✭✭✭
      You should have the grinder running before doing the calibration.
    • WoundedFoxWoundedFox bangalore
      yes it worked , Thankyou
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