8th axis loaddata

EskatsarosEskatsaros new castle, PA
I have an 8th axis, being a spindle, that spins a part while the robot coats it.

This part can vary in weight, but we'll say it weighs 4000 pounds. We have been getting torque overload parts on our 8th axis recently and assume it's because the load data (default at ~1kg) isn't set correctly. There can be other factors, I'm sure, but this is probably a good starting point.
Spoke with ABB and they agreed we should probably change this. Problem is, I'm going in a few months for another class that probably teaches this topic (a.k.a., don't know how to program this specifically).

Does anyone have any information or guidance you can share on how to create a new loaddata and incorporate it into the program/system?? Not looking for anything fancy - anything is better than 0kg at this point.

Thank you!


  • EskatsarosEskatsaros new castle, PA
    ABB did state I can create a back-up and edit the default loaddata0....maybe that would help?
  • lemster68lemster68 United States ✭✭✭
    Look up instruction MechUnitLoad.  You can look into your MOC file also to see if your parameters are matching the actual capability of your motor.  Most of the time they are set to a "safe" level, not letting you use it to the fullest extent.  Be cautious when doing so, just bump up torque a little at a time.
    Lee Justice
  • EskatsarosEskatsaros new castle, PA
    After looking a few things up, I noticed under the 8th axis it isn't assigned an arm load?
    So under Control Panel, Config, Arm, 8th axis (spindle, in my case) - there's a spot for "Use Arm Load" and it's left blank. Would it be the same if I made a load and assigned it? Within that there's a mass, center mass of x, y and z and Inertia of x, y and z...

    I'm currently looking up MechUnitLoad - but figured in the mean time I would ask about the question above.

  • lemster68lemster68 United States ✭✭✭
    ArmLoad is for the robot axes.
    Lee Justice
  • EskatsarosEskatsaros new castle, PA
    OK - they had a spindle option in there as well (which once again is out 8th axis) so I figured I would ask
  • kappone77kappone77 Denver

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