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Add ethernet/IP option / Connect IRC5 to PLC

Hi everyone
Before I start, I just wanted to let you know that I'm not 100% familiar with the RobotStudio environment and that I'm still new in that domain (Sorry in advance if my problem seems silly).

So I have an IRC5 controller with the DeviceNet Master/Slave option, but I also need to set up a connection between my controller and a PLC (with Sysmac Studio).
In the Configuration - I/O system tab I can see in the industrial network section that I have the DeviceNet but I'm pretty sure I also need  the Ethernet/IP anybus option.


So my questions are:
-Do I really need this option for my application? 
-If yes, do I need a license key like, for instance, the multitasking option?

Thank you



  • lemster68
    Look in the backinfo folder for the backinfo.txt file, it will list your options.  If you don't have ethernet/IP option then you will need to buy it and they should give you a new keystring.
    Lee Justice