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Redo a pick with Palletizing PowerPac


I have a palletizing application where I need to be able to redo picks of tiersheet and products (cases). I need the robot to pick the tiersheet or cases of product, and if a signal is received from the PLC before the item has been placed, place the unwanted picked item into a reject area, and then redo that last pick. 

I am having no luck trying to get this to work with the palletizing powerpack. Here is what I am doing (I am trying to get this working just on a tiersheet for now):
  • Upon leaving the Tiersheet Infeeder, check if the PLC "Reject" signal is on. If so, perform custom moves, and drop off the rejected product. This seems to work. 
  • Set pmFlow_giStopOption to 0 (immediate stop). This seems to work.
  • Pulse pmFlow_diStop. This seems to work. 
  • Set pmFlow_giRecoverAction to 4 (redo last pick). This seems to work.
  • Pulse pmFlow_diRecover. This seems to work.
  • Pulse pmFlow_diStart. This does nothing. 
When I do this the system is running, but nothing happens. I see my flow status is 1 (running) and the project status is also running. 

Not sure where I've gone wrong. I've poured through the palletizing manual, but haven't found anything that has helped me with this issue yet. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Backup of robot is attached.