Rotation of World Zone by an Angle

Hello I am a Newbie to ABB RAPID Programming and I am trying to understand about the world Zone
I am sorry for the variable/Identifiers names being in German

PROC Welt_Zone_02()         !Zone um Station 3 Kollision

    VAR shapedata   WZone_Quader;
    VAR pos         WZone_Ecke_1:=[630,-157,400];
    VAR pos         WZone_Ecke_2:=[508,-404,0];
    WZBoxDef        \Inside, WZone_Quader, WZone_Ecke_1, WZone_Ecke_2;
    WZLimSup        \Stat, WZone02, WZone_Quader;     

So this creates a Box Region where the robot is restricted to move,Now is it possible to rotate the world zone Region by say 30 degrees or 45 degrees
If yes could you please suggest.
I went through the below ABB RAPID Documentation

Technical reference manual -RAPID Instructions, Functions and Datatypes & Technical reference manual - RAPID overview
I did not see any information pertaining to this.
So seeking your help if you had past experiences on how this was addressed



  • AurelienAurelien France
    Hello VEDH!

    I am sorry to tell you that the world zone cannot be turned. They are still in the direction of wobj0.

    Now you are using a stationary zone, this means to me that this zone must always be active. You can therefore use the new option "Collision avoidance" available in RW6 with the Supervision detection option ...

    If on the other hand you use an RW5, the other solution is to use SafeMove, but you need for that the card and the options.
  • EricHEricH Germany
    edited January 22
    As far as I know, that's not possible. You have to use a world zone by joint definition.

    World Zones are defined in the world coordinate system. The sides of the boxes are parallel to the coordinate axes and the cylinder axis is parallel to the z-axis of the world coordinate system.

  • VEDHVEDH Germany
    thank you very much for your responses :smile:
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