Programming Vision With PC Interface

I have been searching all the forums and documents and am still coming up short. Does anyone have experience using the pc interface with cognex vision? We did not get the integrated vision software so that is out. I have found the manual for that but it is not helpful and the only other manual about vision is 11 years old and it seems the functions it says to use don't seem to use any more. for example "CX_InitComm". 

Currently I can talk to the camera using the code provided in the cognex help window. But I would like to be able to load the camera program and go online from RAPID and that i cannot find. 

My application involves picking a part up and then inspecting it to find center to adjust arm to position correctly over stationary machining tool. My plan is to use the data from the camera to modify the object frame of the workobject and hoping that does the trick.
If anyone has any experience with this I would greatly appreciate the help as i can not seem to find anything documented or available anywhere.

Thanks In advance,

P.S. I am brand new to this, this is my first robot. So if there is anything else i should have posted to help explain my problem i appreciate the feedback.


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