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Emulated Camera + Virtual Controller | Not visible despite .xml in HOME

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We are about to start using ABB products in my company for the first time, although we have not yet made any purchases and so don't have access to the ABBportal for documentation.
I am trying to get to grips with the dev ecosystem in advance. 

I therefore wanted to create a Solution with a Virtual Controller mated with an Emulated Camera. 

I downloaded the latest version of RobotStudio 2019, and created a Solution with the following:

Integrated Vision Cam00x which I renamed MyCamV. 

I then placed "vc_network-definition.xml" at  C:\.....\Documents\RobotStudio\Solutions\Solution5\Virtual Controllers\IRB_1200FGL_7kg_0.7m\HOME

<IPaddress></IPaddress>                  [also tried my actual IP address]

In File | Option I see it is emulator 4.10.5 and I have restricted myself to using ABB supported cameras like 7402. The emulator definitely starts in the RobotStudio Console. 

After a warm restart / appReboot I was still unable to see an emulated camera in | Camera | Connect | Add Sensor
[ this is how I should add an emulated camera, yes? ]

The .xml file has a comment "...To take effect, the file must be named vc_network_definition.xml and placed in the HOME-directory of the virtual controller. 
     From RobotWare release 6.05 a copy of the file is placed in the HOME/IV directory  at startup of the virtual controller. The file could be placed in the HOME 
     or in the HOME/IV directory. The HOME directory precedes the HOME/IV directory."

I don't have a HOME/IV directory in my solution, or anywhere else in my installation as far as I can see. Does this indicate a problem?

I also tried adding a folder IV in HOME above, and placing a copy of the file there - still can't see the emulated camera. 

What am I doing wrong/missing please? 



  • nomad5t5
    nomad5t5 ✭✭
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    Right click on the Vision System menu item and select VC configuration.  Select a valid IP address from the list and reboot the controller when prompted 

    Then right click on the Vision System menu item and select connect.

    Then right click on the Vision System menu item and select rename.  Change the camera name and reboot the controller again

    Then you're good to go!
  • PetrB
    Thanks. You forgot one step, which is to add that IP which showed up in VC config ( in your case) to "vc_network-definition.xml" file and restart controller

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1" ?>
        <PORT name="SERVICE">