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Read TCP velocity and accleration

I have to read the robots obsolute TCP velocity and accleration along a path and log for a study.  The sampling interval I need is atleast 10hz but if could get higher reads wihtout loading the conding the controller it would be better. I am open for solutions suing OPC, Webservices, Sockets or SDK.


  • Hi @Swathanandan, sampling the TCP velocity of the robot can be done different ways:
    1. Using Signal Analyzer Online on robotstudio: the faster and easiest solution, just configure it under the Controller tab, record it and save the data.
    2. Configuring an analog output related to the system output TCP speed and sample it using a rapid task, writing the data on a file.
    3. Using the SDK (PC SDK) or Robot Web services to log the TCP speed.
    I think that there isn't a direct way to measure the acceleration but using different software  (Matlab) you can easy calculate it.

    Hope this help
  • hello @YuGo I have a small question, how I could sample the signal using rapid task? 
  • Hi HossamElaarag,

    I am also trying to record the tcp position data along a path. Did you figure out the second method?

  • Hi HossamElaarag,

    I am also trying to record the TPC position along a path. Did you figure out how to record the position by using the second method?

  • This thread was regarding TCP VELOCITY, not position.
    Lee Justice